5 factors laminate flooring

5 Factors You Should Pay Attention When Laminate Flooring

Adding some laminate flooring to your house won’t hurt. There are so many choices to decide which laminate flooring that match with the room. While it could be an alternate for decorating your house, it also protects your tile from many things.

It’s easy, and you can keep an eye for it.

Same as building a house, you need to look out for home materials quality and how to build it. When laminate the flooring, you should know how to install laminate flooring and how much cost you will spend. This all depends on you.

To make it easier, here we provide you with an explanation of factors you should see when laminate flooring.

Cost of Laminate Flooring

The price of the laminate flooring varies from $1 – $6 per square foot. It depends on what materials you will use, the quality of the laminate flooring, what laminate flooring brand, and where you buy. That will affect the final price just for per square foot.

If you can get the laminate flooring from the first-hand distributor, you can also get a cheaper price or additional services.

As for the thickness and quality, there is also a type of laminate flooring. That divide into 3 types of laminate flooring:

  1. Cheap laminate.

It’s only cost $1 but has a thin layer. It’s not recommended for long time usage. The 1/8 – 1/6 inch thick laminate will be only suitable for a temporary purpose.

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For example, the art exhibition. It could easily be removed in minutes after the event.

  • Medium laminate.

It has a medium quality of laminate. Generally, the thickness is about 3/8-inch. The price range is from $2 to $4. The medium quality laminate can be used for the trial, whether you want to use laminate flooring for a long time or not. It’s pretty suitable for bedroom flooring.

  • Premium or high-quality laminate

This laminate offers 1 – 2-inch thickness to be installed in your house. As for the price, it ranges from $3 – $5. It’s usually used in the office, hotel, or meeting rooms.

The thickness makes this type of laminate resist for mass use. It won’t break if you stepping hard.

BerryAlloc, Armstrong, Mannington offer various type of laminate. But it doesn’t include tax, shipping, and the estimate installation cost. There’s also a differentiation between faster shipping and slower shipping.

Same goes to professional installation and standard installation.

Measure the Laminate Flooring

After knowing the cost of laminate flooring, you have to measure how many floors you want to laminate. From the installation to your subfloor characteristic, you need to pay attention to every detail on measure the laminate flooring.

There are a few things you have to look when measure.

  1. The Installer

Are you learn from DIY to install the laminate flooring?

If you could do that safely, you can continue it. But in the case you do not really understand, you need to hire someone that professional enough to install your laminate flooring.

  • Total Square Per Foot

Most laminate flooring services offer $1 – $3 per square foot of installation. Indeed, you need to take your pen and tape to measure the room. The formula of measure total square per foot is width x length = square feet.

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For example, if the room measurements are 15 x 15, then the total square feet is 225. Then, multiple it with the cost of the installation service offer.

  • Subfloor Condition & Additional Materials

When you are about to remove the old floor, you also need to know your subfloor. The different subfloor may need a little complex effort to make it nailed to laminate flooring.

You also have to prepare additional materials to install laminate flooring. The tape, glue, and nail will give more advantage if it’s newly bought.

How to Install It

The steps for installing laminate flooring are quite easy. You take the old floor, clean the old materials, and then install the laminate flooring.

Seems easy if we just do it. But to strengthen the laminate flooring to the subfloor, you have to look out when glued it to the bottom.

The laminate flooring also needed to be cleaned and sprayed. This is a must step to prevent unpredictable things cause by uninstalled laminate flooring. Like, stumbling upon the flooring.

You can avoid the accident by clean it with a mop then sanding it. It will make the floor smooth.

Buying Laminate Flooring

In this modern era, you are free to choose whether you want to buy it online or offline. If you choose to buy it online, you have to buy it from the official website. But if you search for a discount in the marketplace, you could also buy it in the marketplace.

Remember, trust is number 1. If the review of the seller is bad, just buy it from their official website.

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It’s not the same if you decide to buy it directly. It makes it less tricky, but still, you need to check the laminate flooring. Look out for the materials and the price difference.

After you decide to buy it, make sure there’s a vehicle to carry the things.

Choosing The Suitable Laminate Flooring

Have you thought of what type of laminate flooring you should buy?

Is it for your living room or bedroom?

If you are still confused, you can start to search for laminate flooring type on the internet. They are all divided into styles and function. You can easily sort it in the filter.

And if you want to save some expenses, you can compare the cheap and medium laminate. Choose one of the laminates you see will give more advantages rather than the other.

It’s best if you pick the laminate flooring with the installation service.

They usually offer a great price when you also pay for the service. Once you break through all of the factors, you can understand and prepare for laminate flooring process.

You may be calculating the expenses first then start to search for laminate flooring that suite your desire. Just don’t make it rush and force a thing, because it won’t be effective. Try to ask about laminate flooring to the friend that install it.