5 Reasons to Choose Hampton Bay Laminate

5 Reasons to Choose Hampton Bay Laminate for Laminate Flooring

Most of the elegance flooring cost expensively. Besides the styles, it is also because the materials that combined in flooring. They have tons of technology for creating such an exclusive type of flooring.

In its utility, the expensive one also more resist of fragile condition. They can last for about 5 – 8 years of use.

Having a luxury flooring doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. There’s also laminate flooring you can take to make your home feel exclusive. Hampton Bay is one of the choices you can rely on.

With various styles, you may need to know Hampton Bay laminate flooring further. Here’s the detail.

Hampton Bay Laminate Flooring Cost

Let’s compare it with the elegance looking flooring. It’s the cost for more than a $10 per one square foot. Just for one square of the foot, and you need to measure the room length and width. Indeed, that’s a lot of money to spend on flooring.

As for laminate flooring, the average price comes to $2 – $8. It also includes premium quality.

How about Hampton Bay?

They only offer $1 – $3 per square foot for the laminate flooring. It’s insanely cheap but has a good quality of flooring. It’s lower than the average, even lower than the medium quality average price for laminate flooring.

Although the price is based on product and style you choose, their ultimate style still ranges in $1 – $3.

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You may wonder why they put the extreme price for something luxury and unbreakable condition. The strategy is lied down in a style and variety of product they offer. Higher the price of the product, you will get more advantages to laminate flooring.

That is fair enough because no price betrays the quality. You can take the middle or higher price if you can. But if you are on a trial of using laminate flooring, you can just take the standard style and product.

Hampton Bay Laminate Flooring Durability

The Hampton Bay laminate flooring is quite durable. They have several complaints from the customer where the laminate flooring was chipped and break. But if this case happens to you, you can send it back to the company to ask for a replacement.

There is also complaint about installation when it’s too hard to place the laminate flooring and that damaged the planks.

But you don’t have to afraid to buy Hampton Bay laminate flooring. They have a 25-year warranty for the residential house once the laminate flooring gets damaged because of product error.

You only need to make sure the laminate flooring always had good treatment. The dry and cleaned laminate flooring can be seen through first sight.

So if you want the warranty applies for a long time, prevent your laminate flooring in wet condition.

Hampton Bay Laminate Flooring Colour & Style

The colour and style are one of the reasons why people decide to choose laminate flooring. As for Hampton Bay, they provide you with a lot of colors. Most of them are trendy and has calm colors.

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That is suitable for elegance and luxury looking in your room. However, they also have another style that surely will make you love it.

  1. Classic Style

The style bringing back the 1800s vibes. If you are about to decorate your living room or study room, you can use this classic style of Hampton Bay to laminate flooring.

There are Keller Cherry, Alexander Oak, and Perry Hickory to choose for a classic look that living in your house. You can also pick the colour from white, brown, and beige colour.

  • Traditional Look

The maple and oak style is the best traditional look for you to put that in your room. The traditional look will give you a tranquil vibe because the maple and oak texture they give, so it suits well if you want to have a traditional vibe.

They also offer a variety of colour, but most of them are near-dark or mixed of light and dark colour which is the uniqueness from them. You can also purchase the sample to decide on the colour.

Hampton Bay Laminate Flooring Installation

Installing the Hampton Bay laminate flooring is not that hard, but it could be tricky sometimes. They have tongue-and-groove design and it could make your floor hard to align because it’s installed as a floating floor.

The customers also find it complicated to adjust while the gaping is not close. Even some professional are facing few serious problems when they have installed the Hampton Bay laminate flooring.

But you can outsmart the problem with planning the strategy to install that. You can apply this to yourself, or you can tell the installation officer.

  1. Prepare additional materials
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Tape measure saw, mallet, and nail could make the installation better. Choose the best tools with the best quality and it will make your laminate flooring doesn’t chip or the grooves are hard to realign. Make yourself safe too with using gloves and prevent the mallet to hit your hand.

  • Press the floor strongly

After knowing the location of plank and gap, you need to press the floor to the subfloor strongly. By locating them, you can use saw to adjust the length and width of the laminate flooring.

You may also need underlayment to avoid a breakdown in your laminate flooring. That could also thicken the flooring and make it stronger.

Hampton Bay Laminate Flooring Maintenance

Same as another laminate flooring, you can use a vacuum cleaner without beater to clean the flooring. It will take the dirt and dust in your flooring, but it can’t guarantee you to have a clean floor.

To make it clean, you can dampen the cloth and spray the laminate cleaner. That will remove the detailed debris and your laminate flooring is always perfect.

Decorating a house is like a therapy for some people. It adorns the house environment and it makes us release the stress.

By laminate flooring with Hampton Bay, it also could give a more comfortable situation in your house. It will make you feel always in tranquil condition. By that, you will be able to more concentrate on what you do.