Inhaus Laminate Review

Inhaus Laminate Review for Your Laminate Flooring

Hardwood flooring seems giving more cosy vibes to the house. The sturdy structure makes it durable for a long time. Besides that, hardwood flooring is suitable for mass traffic in your house. It would not easily break.

The only problem is hardwood flooring cost more than the usual flooring.

Today, we have many alternatives for something. There’s another replacement of laminate flooring that same like hardwood flooring. Inhaus is the one who offers the wood-alike laminate flooring.

If you want to know more about Inhaus laminate flooring, you can read the article we made below.

Inhaus Laminate Flooring Cost

The type of wood, fork, or bamboo flooring is more expensive because they use some specific materials and maintenance. It could be more than $10 per square foot.

Meanwhile, the average price range of laminate flooring is about $2 – $8. It does not include installation and tax.

In another hand, Inhaus laminate flooring cost itself is ranged from $2.50 – $4. This could vary based on your choice of product, but their expensive product is only $4.

The price is included for hardwood-alike flooring which considers as the very cheap laminate flooring. It has a medium quality of the product so it’s not too bad to use the Inhaus laminate flooring for the first time.

The reason why Inhaus put the price in the lower average price of laminate flooring is that they want to compete in the market. People will take their product when they see it’s cheaper and has better quality.

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So, they prefer to sell it cheap rather than to sell it at a high price with less person interested. It’s the matter of marketing and that was the best choice for them to sell the product.

Inhaus Laminate Flooring Durability

As for durability, some people complained about Inhaus laminate flooring when they get into the installation. The flooring could crack sometimes when they are about to check it when installation.

This condition makes the laminate flooring press to the end of the planks. It could make an unbalancing position when someone walks in the surface.

Another problem that may occur when installing Inhaus durability is when the laminate flooring scratched when they moving the furniture. The laminate flooring will have a mark of scratches and left it after installation.

This could make the decoration not good because of the mark they left. The company should be sanding it with technology to prevent scratches.

Furthermore, there is no specific complaint again about Inhaus laminate flooring. Maybe because the price is quite cheap for wood-alike laminate flooring. They also matched it with the quality of materials they can buy at the rate.

The others are pleased as well because the product has a solid thickness that makes them can step without afraid it would break.

Inhaus Laminate Flooring Colour & Styles

Same as the other laminate flooring, Inhaus offer various style of laminate flooring complete with the colour. Most of the style and colour are suitable for each other, so you don’t have to be worried it will not matching when you put that.

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You can also mix it with the different style they offer. Indeed, you will special vibes for that.

  1. Texture

Inhaus let you choose the style and colour by the texture. For the hardwood-alike laminate flooring, you can choose wood grain texture to be installed in your room.

Or, if you kinda missing of the village and you want that to live in your study room, you can take rustic-sawn texture for the study room. The texture makes your room elegance and luxury.

  • Collection

In the collection, you can pick a laminate flooring based on the style. You can pick Classic Estate, Authentic Elegance, Dynamic Highlands, Solido Visions, Precious Highlands and Natural Vintage.

The species also vary in two types, oak or walnut. They also have some colours like brown, white, and beige. You will not be bored of the styles.

Inhaus Laminate Flooring Warranty

It is a must to pay attention to the warranty before you want to buy and install the laminate flooring. You should know the length of the warranty, the scope of warranty, and how to submit a warranty for the product, especially Inhaus laminate flooring since we are talking about that.

Check the explanation below to make sure you understand about Inhaus warranty.

  1. Length of Warranty

Inhaus itself put the 40 years of warranty of residential use. They brave to put a very long length of warranty because they are confident that their product will not easily be broken up.

While the other make it for 20 years, they decide to add again. For commercial use, the warranty lasts for 7 years. It’s considerable because the traffic use is higher.

  • Scope of Warranty
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The warranty will only be applied if the laminate flooring doesn’t have any flaw from the way we use it. If the company find out the laminate flooring is wet, fading, unlocking in most of the part, then it will not include in the scope of a warranty.

But, if your laminate flooring is dry and the flooring removed by itself, they can replace it with new laminate.

Inhaus Laminate Flooring Maintenance

The product does have an easy way to care and maintenance. You can mop broom the laminate flooring every day or use a vacuum to remove the dirt. For further care, you can swipe the debris and dust with detail using the dampened cloth.

Then, spray the laminate cleaning that made from ammonia and vinegar to prevent any scratches and make smooth while using it.

Choosing a wood laminate flooring maybe save your expenses, still, you need to know the quality. You can buy it from the official store of Inhaus or an official partner of Inhaus Brand to ask for further information about the laminate flooring.

They surely will help you choose the best laminate flooring for you. Indeed, with the budget you already determined.