Benefit of BerryAlloc Laminate Flooring

The Benefit of BerryAlloc Laminate for Laminate Flooring

While deciding to laminate flooring, you may consider the advantages you will get. There’s laminate flooring that offers cheap price, but the style and the resistance are quite standard.

Another laminate flooring also gives a cheap price, but with less colour choice. To be honest, that was just a market strategy.

If you decide to pick a medium range of price, you’ll get more feature than the cheap one. Sometimes you may add $1 – $2 for better materials. Same goes to BerryAlloc for providing a high quality of laminate flooring.

If you wonder how to have unbreakable laminate flooring, you can see the BerryAlloc laminate flooring review down here.

BerryAlloc Laminate Flooring Cost

First, we need to know the average range of hard flooring. The price is ranged for $8 – $10 per square foot. It’s a high price when compared to the average range of laminate flooring which is $1- $5.

This makes sense because both have different qualities, but the laminate flooring quality is not too bad if it replaces the hard flooring.

As for BerryAlloc laminate flooring cost, they put $2 – $4 per square of the foot. It is depending of any product you choose, but it still ranges between $2 – $4.

Compare it to the average price of laminate flooring, it’s quite budget-friendly because it’s not over than the average price.

BerryAlloc is recommended for you who search for strong resistance of laminate flooring with a friendly budget.

The reason why BerryAlloc decides to put $2 – $4 for per square foot can be considered as adjusting the market price. While the hard flooring is twice more expensive than laminate flooring, the laminate only cost half of the hard flooring.

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Because of that, BerryAlloc gives the consumer something fresh and trusted for decorating the floor house.

BerryAlloc Laminate Flooring Durability

Talking about durability, BerryAlloc is durable when compared to the other laminate flooring. They do not easily break up. They have the proportional thickness and strong material. It could be used for mass traffic in a room.

Especially, if you have toddler or teenage in your home, this laminate flooring won’t be affected no matter how hard they step to the floor.

The BerryAlloc laminate flooring is designed with HydroPlus technology that makes the flooring always moisture in every condition. It’s more suitable for the bathroom, but you still can use it for another room in your house.

Isn’t it a big deal to have humid flooring in your home so you don’t feel hot even if it’s summer, is it?

You also don’t have to worried about a scratch or damaged surface because they have a double layer of flooring.

As a note, BerryAlloc is still a laminate flooring that will be damaged if you don’t pay attention to it. While they have tons of technology in the laminate flooring, you need to prevent something hard to hit the flooring.

It will cause the breakdown in your flooring and that’s not include in the list of warranty. You better watch out or you will lose your strong laminate flooring later.

BerryAlloc Laminate Flooring Style

Every laminate flooring has its style. There are some laminate flooring that focused on the living room, while the other is concentrated to create laminate flooring for a bedroom.

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Same goes to BerryAlloc that specializes themselves in bathroom and kitchen laminate flooring. They have various of style that merged with the colour. It will be completed when you put that in your house.

  1. Kitchen

The laminate flooring has designed a unique collection for the kitchen. One of them is Smart 8 line that gives a trendy look and fashionable pattern in the kitchen. It will make your kitchen become like world chef kitchen and that enhances the desire to cook.

There are also Impulse V2, Impulse V4, and Eternity line that great for kitchen use, and also a bathroom and commercial use.

  • Bathroom

You can use Ocean or the Ocean V4 to decorate your bathroom just like an expensive apartment. They also divide it into stone and wood designs, so you can pick it whatever you like based on your need.

Those are water-resistant so no need to afraid it will breakdown and you must change for the new laminate flooring again. There is also The Chateau and Glorious Luxe collection for you to choose.

BerryAlloc Laminate Flooring Installation

As for the installation, many people decide to let the professional handle it for them. It’s because they don’t know what additional materials they will use for installation.

It will be messy if they just put and press it. But on the other hand, there is already a lot of DIY on the internet to install the laminate flooring.

If you decide to save the budget and install it by yourself, here are our tips for you.

  1. Search for more information

When you are about to doing something new, you need to research it in every different point of view. You have to read the instructions, you need to continue to understand that by watching videos, and you also need to ask for people who have been experienced.

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It’s a lot of stages but it is what you should do to do the installation by yourself.

  • Practice it slowly

Take per square foot laminate flooring, then practice it with the knowledge you gather and additional materials you prepared. Don’t rush it, you are a newbie to that. Just make it slowly but surely. It’s your own house you decorating.

So if anything happens, you can ask for a housemate help. Be careful to use sharp and hard tools. It may be affected by your hand.

BerryAlloc Laminate Flooring Maintenance

It’s quite easy to care for the laminate flooring, but a lot of steps to maintenance it. The laminate flooring is different from the usual floor, where you glued it by cement to the subfloor.

They are not easily damaged and it is still a floor even it breaks. You have to pay attention to dirt, that’s not included the laminate flooring.

You can put the doormat in all doors to prevent dirt to transfer into each room. If it’s already dirty, use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt and dust.

To prevent scratches or stain, you can mop it with cloth and laminate cleaner. Rub it until the flooring is clean and you can continue your activities again. Having BerryAlloc laminate flooring will support your family with heavy mass activities.

The laminate flooring is budget-friendly and effective as it should be. It also has many styles so you could explore it further. You can match it with your wall colour or room styles to create the perfect combination for it.