Choose Lamett Laminate Flooring

Why You Should Choose Lamett Laminate Flooring

Plenty of laminate flooring offered in a market. They have various characteristic and uses, based on buyer wants. There is laminate flooring for the outdoor area, especially for wood. Also, there is laminate flooring for business and office.

Laminate flooring divide by each function. Including the function for decorating home flooring and make it stylish with laminate flooring.

Choosing laminate flooring could be tricky. But you can straight to something you want to not waste your time. One of the choice for picking laminate flooring is Lamett laminate flooring.

It could makeover your house and make it more comfortable. To knowing Lamett laminate flooring, you can look below here.

Lamett Laminate Flooring Cost

Hardwood flooring costs more than $10. A quite high difference between the laminate flooring that wood-alike.

Meanwhile, the average wood-alike laminate flooring is ranged from $8 – $10. Pretty big money to spend the flooring, and that does not include a tax, brand, installation service, and any other.

In the other hand, Lamett laminate flooring offers the affordable price with make sense reasons.

  1. Cheaper than the other

For per one square foot, Lamett laminate only cost $3 – $5. It is lower than the average wood-alike laminate flooring offered in a market. They create long resistance laminate flooring with customized thickness.

It’s the worth choice to pick medium quality laminate flooring when you’re about to choose it for your living room.

  • Have more style
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By $3 – $5 per one square foot, it’s impossible to have many choices you can choose. But for Lamett laminate flooring, it’s what they offered.

You could take various type of wooden-alike laminate flooring by a visit to their website. The complete explanation will be told in next section.

Lamett Laminate Flooring Colour & Style

In every laminate flooring, there will always be the style for the consumer to choose. Usually, they sorted into a specific type of laminate flooring.

This also applies to Lamett laminate flooring. There are so many choices the consumer cod choose, but we try to narrow it in 3 types of colour & style of Lamett laminate flooring.

  1. Carrera Collection

Carrera Collection shows vintage look for laminate flooring which dominate by brown, flashy bright colour with a combination of near-dark colour.

Even though the collection offers vintage style, it is wrapped in a trendy way. Just like how the vintage style we know.

  • Bentley Collection

In the Bentley Collection, you will be offered for the unique and antique style of laminate flooring. The pattern and the colour gave near 1940s vibes with the vintage style involve in the collection too.

This collection is suitable for study room because it makes calm and tranquil a room.

  • Reclaimed Chestnut

Reclaimed Chestnut refer to natural wood, same as the outdoor vibes. The rustic style in Reclaimed Chestnut seems like it’s real. The blue and wood colour that will decorate your room make it homier.

If you need something fresh in your room that smells like village air, this collection may suitable for your convenience.

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Lamett Laminate Flooring Durability

With the lower price than the other laminate flooring, Lamett is quite durable and have strong resistance. They keep their quality strong.

No Lamett user complain about their laminate flooring being unchecked by quality control. As long as you could maintain it well, you will never experience accident.

You should know that Lamett is not water-resistant flooring. It goes same to the hardwood. When water spilt to the laminate flooring, you should immediately mop it.

The more you let it pool, your laminate flooring will be more break quickly.

Lamett Laminate Flooring Warranty

A warranty always comes when you are going to buy something. As for laminate flooring, usually, they have a specific length of warranty. It’s differentiated by the use of laminate flooring and the product they choose.

To understand about Lamett laminate flooring, here’s the full explanation.

  1. Length of Warranty

As for general laminate flooring, the length of the warranty is about 5 – 20 years. For the Lamett laminate flooring, the length of the warranty comes 25 years for the residential use. And for the commercial use, they only give 5 years of warranty.

It’s reasonable because, in commercial use, a lot of people step on the laminate flooring. The chance of getting broke is high.

  • Terms and Condition of Warranty

The basic criteria to assign for Lamett laminate warranty is to register the broke. If it’s caused on purpose, so the warranty will not work.

But, if it’s broke because the laminate flooring is not strong enough, the company will change it and make sure it’s been repaired.

  • How to Submit A Warranty
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The QR code in payment paper will lead you to submit the warranty. You will be directed to a particular website to fill the data. After that, you can report what’s wrong with your laminate flooring.

By submitting that, the company will contact you for more information and handle the problem of your laminate flooring.

Lamett Laminate Flooring Maintenance

For a specific brand, usually, there are steps of maintenance that written in the website or guidance. It’s because they are the one who truly knows the material of it. You may check it on their website.

But as for basic maintenance, you can vacuum or broom the laminate flooring to make the dirty gone.

At the time you need for deep cleaning, the Lamett recommend you to use a cloth and laminate cleaner. That will wipe the dust or debris without any of it appears in a short time.

You need to dampen the cloth and avoid them from soaking. Then, put the laminate cleaner in the cloth. Don’t rush it or your laminate flooring will be damaged.

When you already pick up your laminate flooring, make sure that your house floor is well prepared too.

The good condition of your house floor will help you to install the laminate flooring. After you decide the types of laminate flooring, you can compare each price from a different market to save your expenses.